May 2022 Specials

SPRING into - May Specials

May 1st through May 31st 


10% OFF Toothpaste

By the time they are 3 years old, most dogs already show signs of gum disease (also called periodontal disease). As a result, dogs may be at risk for some of the same problems that chronic infection can cause in people, including heart, liver, and kidney problems.

Your dog is your best friend. Return the favor and make sure your dog is healthy and pain-free. Daily tooth brushings and regular oral care are a wag-worthy way of showing your dog how much you care.


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Brushing your dog's teeth: Why it Matters


15% OFF summer toys!

Don't overlook the power of playtime. Playing with your dog benefits your dog’s body, mind, and spirit and strengthens the human-dog bond.


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The Importance of Playing with Your Dog

 10% OFF Dog Colognes

If you can't keep them clean, at least you can keep them smelling good!



 small business ♥ big heart

Sweaters, Dresses, Pajamas and bandanas can also be custom ordered with prints and sizes made special for your dog. Just let us know if you'd like something made special, and we will use your dog's measurements and give you fabric/yarn selections.