About Us


We believe dogs can be groomed in a safe and loving environment where they experience calm, quiet stress-free one-on-one attention. We believe your pet can be pampered and treated to the very best Grooming Services at competitive prices.We believe in developing relationships with our dog families so each visit is more than a grooming service, but a pleasurable activity. after which your pet leaves clean, happy, and healthy. Your dog will always be cared for like family as we know they are family.

WHY we groom

This is why we created a truly unique salon where grooming is performed on one dog or one family at a time. Your dog is never over-crowded or subjected to overly stressful situations. Each dog will be given the time needed for their grooming services. Through consistent and open communication, your pet will enjoy a grooming experience completely built around his or her individual needs.

What makes us UNIQUE

To achieve our goals of safety, positive experience, communication and value, we provide grooming in a calm environment, where every dog gets the attention they deserve. Our bathing area allows us to bathe larger dogs on the floor with no tub, ramps or stairs, so older dogs or dogs with health issues can remain safe and comfortable. Grooming is always done in a gentle manner, with the safety and comfort of your dog as our top priority. Our fenced in entrance allows for extra security, and we are more than happy to take them outside for a supervised break.